Video Testimonials

We love School TV. We think that almost any school or educational establishment can benefit from what School TV has to offer.
Of course, we would say that! What really matters is what the people who already use School TV think: the headteachers, teachers, teaching assistants and pupils.
Our growing collection of video testimonials lets you see and hear their views for yourself.

lee clapper "Generating content using the system we've had installed from CMS is incredibly easy".
Lee Glynn, Deputy Headteacher

Jamie Lee clapper 1 "They love it! They go absolutely wild. They can't wait to get in front of it".
Jamie-Lee Johnstone, Y6 Teacher

Mike clapper2 "I think School TV is seen in a positive light by Ofsted and other people that are interested in education"
Mike Shepherd, Headteacher

Siobhan clapper 3 "There's going to be many benefits to the children".
Siobhan Collingwood, Headteacher

kerry clapper 5 "We've used the green screen right across the curriculum".
Kerry Ainsworth, Phase Leader