BARii - Digital Signage

Since CMS Media was first established, it has used many of the digital signage software platforms available, each having both positive and negative features. In 2009, CMS decided to begin writing a new software platform taking the benefits from experiences of the previously used signage platforms.

'Barii' is now the driving force behind every screen system installed and managed by CMS Media and is the ideal solution for showcasing your School TV productions.

barii screen Barii provides you with many benefits:

  • The ability to update content remotely over the web
  • Display multimedia content
  • Easy to use
  • Advanced features such as scheduling of content and playlists, HD video, live TV, Flash animation, weather, RSS, news/stock tickers and more

CMS Media has applied its many years of film production experience to its School TV product line to develop the best possible way to display the content that pupils and teachers have created.

One of the main benefits to a school or college of a Barii system is total control over every aspect of the programme, from the design of the split screen format, choice of a range of widgets for birthdays, house points or Twitter/Flickr feeds and RSS feed formats and choice of their source. The main content panel can then be used to display almost any content from HD video to stills and text. see screen layouts here

Barii can be broadcast to existing or new screens throughout the school, even interactive whiteboards and projectors. Why not also output exactly what is playing in school on your school's website? With Barii, you can do just that, engaging parents by allowing them to view the content created.

Live broadcast is also available allowing the head or teaching staff to address the entire school through whiteboards and screens without the need for an assembly (Portashoot required). CMS has also added additional features allowing live broadcast to a remote site. Twinned with a school in UK or Europe, you could broadcast live to their school.