School TV Displays

Your school is wonderful. Your pupils are fantastic. They produce some brilliant work and put on some great performances. Of course, you know this already, but we think there's absolutely nothing wrong with reminding everyone in the school (and of course those visiting the school) about such achievements, good behaviour and great work. It's great for the pupils to have good work recognised and to have it on screen for all to see. School TV allows you to do this and much more.

School TV allows you to display your content to the whole school, enabling pupils to evaluate and learn from each other's work. Course work can now feature on the School TV system for all to see. Your schools environmental work can be proudly showcased. Your links with overseas schools can get the TV treatment. You can use the screens to encourage punctuality and preparedness for a great day's learning. You can use it to build upon the strengths highlighted in your Ofsted report and focus on the areas (if any) that could be developed further.

What matters is that School TV belongs to you! It is a channel totally under your control. You create the content, you control what you broadcast, you are in charge.

Our easy to use cloud based software allows you to create simple content in no time.

  • Easily incorporate RSS feeds, images, video and text.
  • We will create a bespoke on screen look that incorporates - your school badge and colours.
  • A wonderful way to show off some of the best work produced by pupils.
  • Got a School TV Studio? Use our software to encode and upload your studio productions to the displays for the whole school to enjoy and learn from.
  • Display important messages to pupils on issues such as citizenship, good behaviour, healthy eating and keeping active.
  • You can also download some of the great third party content we have access to on a wide range of subjects from recycling to rainforests.
  • Webstream your content so it is accessible worldwide.

As with our Studios, you can choose the School TV Display setup that best suits your school. For instance, a small village primary school may only need a single LED screen and player in the school entrance. On the other hand, a larger inner city secondary may want a display in four separate corridors playing the same content from one player and a larger display in the canteen with access to different content from a separate player. It may also be possible to stream your channel onto your school's interactive whiteboards.

  • We will survey your school to ensure suitability and practicality for display installation.
  • Installation of your displays usually takes a few hours.
  • Training provided on how to use your display software.
  • All equipment is under warranty with support if you ever need help.
  • All our staff are CRB cleared and registered STEM Ambassadors. CMS Media is CHAS Registered.

Call Simon on 0845 241 7969 for more details.

About Our System


CMS Media are proud to announce their latest product, Schools Network TV.

This unique product has been designed in partnership with local education authorities to deliver a cloud based messaging system and video studio.

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Want to know more about the benefits and technology involved in Schools Network TV? Then watch our promotional video! The video gives a brief overview of the system, the benefits for schools and details of support for all key stages of learning.

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Launch at NEEC 2011


CMS Media launched School TV at the 107th North of England Education Conference (NEEC) 2011 conference. School TV proved to be a big hit with delegates and visitors. For the conference, we arranged for a team of young reporters to enjoy their first taste of TV interview techniques.

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