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Despite only being launched at NEEC 2011, School TV is already being enjoyed by hundreds of young people in schools throughout the UK.

School TV is an inspiring, creative video studio and display solution for primary and secondary schools, or indeed any educational establishment. It gives children hands on experience of working with HD video cameras and green screen facilities, along with the opportunity to display the results on a bespoke TV system.

Of course, there's far more to School TV than just equipment. Before you know it, children soon find out that behind every TV show, comedy or news programme, there is a lot going on to make it all happen; organisation, scripting, sound, lighting, direction, presentation skills, design etc. It's an education in itself, linking directly (and indirectly) into many subjects in the curriculum including ICT, English, Art and Design, Design and Technology, Citizenship and Science.

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Our Studio HD facility will provide you with a new avenue of creativity and learning within your school. It will provide you with a fantastic chromakey screen HD video studio capable of delivering superb results.
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Your studio to go!
If your budget won't stretch to our Studio HD package or you simply cannot dedicate a room to studio use alone, then one of our PortaShoot HD packages could be the perfect solution.
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The ultimate mobile sound solution for your school.
If your school is looking for a complete all-in one audio solution then our fantastic PortaMix package really is all you need.
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Your school is wonderful. Your pupils are fantastic. They produce some brilliant work and put on some great performances. Of course, you know this already, but we think there's absolutely nothing wrong with reminding everyone in the school (and of course those visiting the school) about such achievements, good behaviour and great work. It's great for the pupils to have good work recognised and to have it on screen for all to see. School TV allows you to do this and much more.
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Digital Photography is now a recognised GCSE option, giving young people the chance to go beyond the confines of the auto settings on their camera...but why wait until year 10 to get stuck in? Primary school children are just as keen to be snapping away and getting digitally creative as anyone else, and often the results can be very impressive.
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Picking A Package

picking a package

Unsure on what package to pick? Don't worry we can help! We offer 3 main video studio packages, all of which can be customised to meet your needs.

If you don't have the room or the budget for a video studio, we have a standalone player package, which is a great starting block fro creating messages to display on your school's television network.

For more information and advice on our packages, please contact us.

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Installation Process

installation process

Whether you decide on a single standalone unit or full video studio package, the installation of your equipment will be completed with minimal disruption to your school and timetabel.

Installations are carried out by our fully trained installation team, usually out of school hours, and completed either within a few hours or a couple of days, depending on the package purchased.

All software and hardware has been hand picked and thoroughly tested to our highest standards, to make sure that our service will not let your pupils or school down.

Training For All


Our service and commitment doesn't stop once we have completed the installation of your package. We have a small, highly experienced team of trainers who will visit your school to give your staff and pupils training on all aspects of the system. They will also answer any questions you may have, provide printed/video training guides and continual telephone based support.

All our trainers are fully CRB checked and enrolled in the STEM ambassadors scheme, which is aimed at providing young people with experience in industries that are not always accessible whilst at school.