Our Feedback

Schools Network TV is currently in the process of being launched. We are running several beta programs, at schools in our local area, with endorsement from the local education authority.

Once these programs have been completed, we shall gather feedback, and post it here!

Please check back soon, or contact us to view what other schools are saying about our product.

Unsure whether our system is right for your school?


Below are some common questions that have been asked about the screen system.

If you question is still unanswered, please feel free to contact us.

We already have a screen/network of screens installed, can we use these with your system?

Question one

Yes, in most cases we can use an existing screen network. We will need to carry out a site survery to confirm the screens are capable of display high definition content, and that your network is capable of distributing the content. Ourb system is incredibly flexible and it support most network setups and modern display screens.

Question two

We have an interactive whiteboard system, can this be used with your system?

Yes, again in most cases we can display content on your existing interactive white board system. We will need to carry out a site survery to confirm the specifiation of the interactive white board, and also check that your network is capable of distrubiting the content.

Is taking part in the training essential, will we be able to use the system without it?


Yes, you can use the system without training, however training packages are available for schools with zero experience with the equipment/software, alternatively as technologies move on, even if you have previous experience a refresher course may be useful. The training sessions are broken up in to 'bite size pieces' and include 'on-site' and 'on-line' solutions, and will be conducted by one of our highly skilled team. Each member of our team is CRB checked, and currently endorsored as a STEM ambassador.

We do however provide training material, such as printed manuals, online training videos, as well as provide long-term support.

   Question four

We have a twitter feed/school blog.
Can we display items from these on our screens?

Yes, we have a wide variety of weblets that can pull and display information such as twitter streams, house point totals and various other types of information on your screens. We can also create weblets to display any sort of information you feel will be valuable viewing for your pupils.

Question five

We don't have the space/budget for a film studio. Can we use your system without one?

Yes. We can install our screen system, and still give your school the tools to create unique, eye-catching content. A studio is required for creating and editing video footage only. You will still be able to create messages to inform pupils of up coming events, announcements and notices with our on-screen messaging system.

Question  six

How long does the system take to install?
Can this install be completed out of school hours?

Typically, a standalone system installation will only take a few hours, depending on your screen requirements and IT network. To install a film studio, we aim to have this completed within two days. Installation can be planned around school hours, to cause as little distruption as possible.