Benefits of our system

There are a huge array of benefits associated with Schools Network TV. From educational to confidence building, our product gives the voice of the school back to your pupils.

  • Supports topic based and subject specific learning.
  • Improves and develops writing skills.
  • Develops speaking and listening skills.
  • Builds pupils self confidence and intuition.
  • Develops individual skills whilst encouraging team work.
  • Encourages pupils to manage their projects whilst having fun.
  • The ability to share content with other schools.
  • Gives pupils access to a wide range of new technologies.

Produce, publish and deliver unique content

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Schools Network TV brings television to the classroom by providing schools with a full production environment as well as a platform to broadcast their content throughout the school.


Produce content based on pupils ideas and interests

Our system encourages pupils to promote their ideas and interests, with static and video content. Content is easy to produce, allowing pupils to take control.

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Allow pupils to publish unique content on a daily basis

Pupils can publish and update messages and videos to the system within a few minutes, meaning content is always fresh, current to the pupils and easily editable.

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Deliver content that is unique and personal to the school

Delivery of content couldn't be easier. From the standalone package, to a full video studio, pupils are trained and guided on how to create content they want to see, prompting messages and ideas in a unique and modern way.